Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play dough and a new quilt

Today we played with play dough - Cora's favorite new toy. I'd been meaning to make it forever, and I finally did. I followed the instructions found here. It was super easy and is really fun to play with, and it's cheaper and much less stinky than the store bought stuff. And it's edible - but gross tasting. (I'm assuming - I didn't actually try it.) Cora even helped me mix up all the ingredients. I made one batch and then divided it into four balls to add different colors.During naptime I finally finished Elijah's new quilt that I've been wanting to finish forever. It's bright and fun, more modern than his other one. It's also smaller, so easier to carry around. Although, I think I would still like to have an even smaller one for easy stroller/car seat use.Here it is this morning before I bound it. You can see the backing fabric I used. (Thanks Mom!)

1 comment:

  1. very cute quilt! And you are such a good mommy to MAKE play dough for Cora :)