Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blankie love and a church stud

When you love a blankie and it needs a wash...
you throw a tantrum the entire time it's in the laundry...but give it big hugs when it's all clean!

Our little stud and beauty after church a couple of weeks ago.Hanging out one morning on Mommy's bed, watching Dora (Cora's favorite show ever - tied with Diego)WatercolorsScenery from a hike Ryan took into the canyon with the priests.Adorably sad.


  1. oh my goodness, cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't tell you how many times we watched the video of Elijah going from happy to sad! Your kids are ADORABLE and I WANT TO EAT THEM UP! Miss you guys and can't wait to meet Elijah and see Cora!!!!!!

  2. haha, that's so funny, the boys loved watching their cousin too!