Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well here we are in Virginia. Ryan is busy at his affiliation and we have lots of weekend plans for when he's off. Cora and I have been keeping busy while he's gone during the day by helping Grandma pick strawberries, making new friends, blowing bubbles, sewing, cutting new teeth and being ridiculously grouchy. The first weekend we were here we went to the zoo with Papa and CW, which wound up being more of an adventure than we planned on, but it was also pretty fun.On Mother's DayWith her new friend CraigAfter a visit to the bread store, where Tim gave her a cookie. Yes, she got a little haircut - trimmed bangs so we can see her eyes, since she hates having her hair done and won't leave clips in. It turned out a little shorter and more uneven than I'd like, but I guess that's what happens with a very wiggly toddler.The responses we got from asking her to share a bite.Blowing bubbles


  1. I'm glad you guys made it there okay! I love the bangs, and Cora's hair looks darker now in the pics. She is getting so big!

  2. her hair looks so dark-!! looks like fun!I bet your fam is enjoying her so.

  3. How stinkin cute is Cora! She is so adorable!! I would love to see her and you guys too of course! Miss you and love you