Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ruffled butts, old friends, sundown and summer toes

just added the ruffles last night for fun and practice working with gatheringfinally got together with my old friend Jenny and saw her new baby - actually not so new anymore, she's the same age as Cora! Cora and Gwen are going to be good little friends. They even look alike, cute little brown-eyed bottom of the chart babies.we get the best sunsets just right outside our house.I know, she's just a baby. but she doesn't eat her toes anymore and it's just so cute! (of course the big hulking feet aren't so attractive, but they just make the little ones all the cuter) also notice the adorable chubby knees! i just love them


  1. Her little painted toes are adorable!! I hope I have a girl one day so I can do that!

  2. cute ruffles! You're truly talented! By the way, I love the cute toenails...I'll bet Lily would love to have painted toenails to go with her little flip flops! I can't believe I never thought of it before.

  3. Its never too early to start painting toes! How cute!