Saturday, February 4, 2012

End of January

Cora always makes us laugh with her funny and particular arrangements of toys - she'll tuck her dolls in under a blanket on our couch, lay all the doll house people face down (sleeping) in a row, put all the animals on the windowsill to look outside, etc. This one was pretty good.
Sometimes you gotta take a break from dancing to suck your thumb and feel your blankie.Elijah's first doodles - he is much less afraid of putting marks on paper than Cora. He colored for a surprising long time before he decided to taste the crayons.One night I told Cora "bedtime" and she said "wait, I need to scoot there." Playing with our birthday boy! We had a family get together for a missionary farewell on Elijah's birthday so we decided to do the party later - pics coming in the next post. But this is us playing with Elijah on his birthday.

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