Friday, March 25, 2011

Snapshots of our life

Tummy time - he can lift his head up higher but it's hard to catch in a picture.
MohawkWhat do you think they are saying to each other?
We spend a lot of time coloring.Cora loves her "pitty dess" and always asks to watch "see-ah-yay-yah" (Cinderella) when she's wearing it.There have been a fair amount of days that look like this - PJs, messy toys, and 3 people to a chair. But lately we've been doing better at getting dressed and out of the house (which has also been cleaner, usually.) The weather's getting warmer, so we can sometimes go to a park.Cora has been getting more insistent on dressing herself - or at least choosing her own clothes - notice the snow boots and "pitty rina" (ballerina) skirt.Cora copies absolutely everything we do and say. We noticed that she was copying Ryan when he was reading scriptures to us after dinner on his Droid, using her hand and a finger to scroll just like he was, so we tried to get it on video. But when she notices, her phone/hand goes into "hiding" in her shirt. (Just in case you can't understand what she's saying. And of course, like most of our videos, it ends with her asking to see the picture on the camera.

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