Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quilts and kisses

One last tickle with Papa before he left.
Here's little Elijah on his big baby quilt! Mom helped me with this one before he came and she suggested I may as well make it big enough to cover a toddler bed for when he gets to that stage. She also suggested I make it symmetrical but I didn't take that advice. I am really happy with how it turned out - thanks Mom for doing all the cutting and ironing and support! See the dimples! This looks like a smile but really it's the beginnings of a cry.Cora woke up unusually early one day and so by 10 she was zonked out on the couch - not on the nice comfy pillow but on her hard doll's head. This is the other quilt Mom helped me finish - a Charlie Brown lap quilt. I meant to finish it for Kate's Christmas present but only got the top done in time before I had to stop sewing and get ready to move. So Mom helped me iron, baste and bind it - I don't think it would've gotten done for a long time without her help and encouragement. This is Cora being silly pretending to go "night-night" in Mommy's bed. We pulled out the camera to take pictures of Elijah after his bath and Cora asked us to take pictures of her. Below is her "cheese" face for pictures.Elijah gets so many kisses a day. When I was expecting him I felt bad because he would never have the time alone with his parents that Cora got, but so far, he's getting even more love than Cora got - because he has an adoring mommy, daddy and big sister too!Look at the lovely, clean, light, fluffy hair!

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  1. Wow what a cute boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwwwww I want to snuggle him and kiss him and Cora!!!! You two make beautiful kids!!! Elijah's hair is such a pretty color and he is rockin those light colored eyes. He is just adorable. We loved everything you posted, thanks for posting, you are amazing Sarah and Ryan too! Sorry to hear you had mastitis, that is the worst! Hope things are going better now. Love and aloha to you all, all four of you!!