Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some cute videos

We're training Cora to be a big sister already. She's a pretty thorough diaper changer, she uses wipes and diaper cream too. I think she changed Raggedy Ann, Minnie Mouse and her elephant's diapers for like an hour (this was last week, Sunday night.) The other videos are from this past week, just being silly. She still does the "Mana" dance (that's what Ryan and I call it, not Cora) with the signature Kaimana elbow.

This one is for you, Grandma Nielson! Cora's started walking around on her tippy toes lately - I think she got some of the Nielson dancing genes for sure.

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  1. hi sarah!!
    i was on your fb page to see what was new with you and ryan and cora and saw your blog address. sweet. how are things? baby due in jan right? cora is so cute!!