Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cora's first beach day 7/20

This is the first post I am catching up on from our trip to Hawaii. We wanted to see our family, especially John who now has his papers in and will be going on a mission soon, and also check out a possible opportunity for Ryan in Kahuku. We spent two weeks there and had a blast. Cora had never met her auntie Heidi or her cousins from Hawaii so it was great to see them, just before they went back to school.

This is the first day we took Cora to the beach in Hawaii - she did not like the water or the sand but by sitting with her on my lap on the sand, then slowly transitioning her to sitting on her own, she started playing with it a little, eventually even helping Jason to bury her legs in the sand and make her a mermaid.

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