Friday, March 12, 2010

study buddies

Cora and Ryan studying together - both hi-lighting the important portions of their books - Ryan's notes and Cora's Goodnight Gorilla. (j/k, we didn't actually let her color on the pages, the cap was on for her.)
Ryan says "This is the only way to study. Thanks again Mom and Dad!"
This is how Cora likes to eat now - whether or not we buckle her in, she can wiggle out and stand up. Little stinker.


  1. hehe i LOVE that picture of them studying together. so cute

  2. was looking at some blogs and found yours...your family is so cute!! Cora seems like she would be a good study buddy. We had a great time tonight...I just wish I visited with you a little more. We were like on the other side of the table! We'll have to get together again :)

  3. hehehe Lily likes to stand up and eat, too. Drives me crazy, lol! So cute that she loves to study with Daddy! :-)

    Oh! We just got back from Hawaii and Ben's Aunty told us she used to see you at the bank there. We also passed by that little Thai restaurant we all ate at and missed you guys, and a lot of the med students we visited asked about you guys, too. They were excited about you having Cora and all say hello. :-)