Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Catch-up III: Christmas and New Years

We don't have all of our pictures from Christmas yet, as we again, let others do some of the picture taking for us. We will post more as we get them.

Elise yet again was our gracious host for this year's Christmas and New Year's. We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa, Eric and his family, and Elise and her family. We ate a lot of good food, watched movies, and played lots of board games (our favorites were Harry Potter Clue, Cranium Cadoo, and Blockus.) Cora and I got a little sick for part of the time, and Cora broke a bunch of new teeth (molars, no less,) but she was a trooper and pretty good throughout, all things considered. She loves all of her cousins and it was so fun to watch her playing with all of them. She especially loved baby Noelani; every time she saw her she would laugh.

Stinky faces in the kitchen.
Christmas sweater dress from Grandma MadelynAll dressed up for church in her Christmas dress from Grandma Madelyn. Cora just loves Alex. I think she's doing her "How strong is Cora" response here.All the kids in their BYU sweatshirts from Grandma and GrandpaThe whole gang, on January 3rd. Noelani was blessed that day in church and so she's wearing the beautiful blessing dress Grandma Madelyn painstakingly handmade for her.

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  1. You all look beautiful in the family picture and we love the kids in their BYU sweaters! I guess if we were all there we would barely fit in the picture! Someday we'll all be together again. Until then I'm glad you all were able to enjoy the holidays together!